mirror tale


Mirror tale

A special theatre performance with live music by the SimorÁg DanCircus, balancing on the border between theatre, dance and new circus.

“We had a chance to peek into the lives of the Fairy (Ágnes Simor) and the Giant (Bálint Turai), who are neighbours. Only a wall separates them, almost the same things happen to them in their very similar homes – only on a different scale. The basic situation reflects, in a very affectionate way, on the sense of claustrophobia of the past year. It is filled with brilliant drops of humour, yet it is thought-provoking. The similarity of the two characters is shown by the props of their daily routine: a soft toy, a toothbrush, a tea mug - in their case, the differences in size are the source of comedy. For example, the giant sips his morning tea from a huge, dotted soup pot. They don't know about each other until they realize that the mirror is not really a mirror and they face each other every day.”
Emőke Sárosi: Because It Is Good to Play!

“It takes a lot to make a children's theater performance a good experience for all participants. We need an enthusiastic but well-behaved audience of children; it is necessary that the play is well positioned, that it is clear what age group and interest the performance is suitable for; the duration and the dynamics of the performance must be planned precisely, a children's audience does not tolerate idle time. It is important, although not essential, that the creators think of adults as well. A truly outstanding work offers relevant layers of interpretation to adults too, by integrating these layers into the show that is essentially a children's performance, and not just throwing in a few comments understandable only for adults. At the premiere of the Simorág DanCircus in early June, everything from the above came together, and we witnessed an extraordinary performance (...) We saw acrobatics, juggling and balancing acts, magic tricks, and clowning. Every device is subordinate to the storytelling, it has a dramaturgical function, just as every part of the set and every prop comes into play.”

In their world woven from imagination, our set designers knit everything from the yarn of fairy tales: the props and costumes are made of recycled textiles. However, in the mythical world of magical creatures, humans are also present, which only confuses things even more! After all, we are grownups, so the question is how much do we see of fairies and giants, who are allegories of the fairy tale itself and of nature. What can we learn from them?
This challenge creates a layer of the story that is about understanding each other, about the possibilities of development on the border where the worlds of children and grownups meet! Do we recognize what playing means? Dare we all play together?
The performers’ physical language is made up of pantomime, gestural theater, acrobatics, magic and all that surrounds this, and their vocal language is the music, which is created by the characters of the paralleled musicians.

Performers and creatives: Ágnes Simor, Bálint Turai, Márton Vincze
Musicians: Réka Tóth-Bernáth, János Vázsonyi
Crocheted backdrop, costumes, props: Tangly Hands
Set design, realisation, technician: Balázs Szabon
Set concept: Ágnes Simor and Balázs Szabon
Director, script writer: Ágnes Simor
Sponsor: National Cultural Fund, Human Resources Support Management
Premier: 6.06.2021 Bethlen Square Theatre, Budapest